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Submit your abstracts and suggestions now!

We are delighted to announce that planning for ESMARConf2024 events is currently underway! This next event promises to be another packed programme of presentations, workshops, panel discussions and tutorials, with the same commitment to diversity, accessibility and inclusion as before. Submit your abstracts and suggestions for content you would like to present or see at ESMARConf2024. Early suggestions are more likely to be factored into the programme, so get submitting!

We’re keen to read BOTH submissions you plan to give AND ones that you would like other people to provide. We’re looking for: 7-minute presentations on novel tools, frameworks, theories or practices; 2-hour workshops providing training in a particular practice or technique; 1-hour panel discussions with a small group of experts on a specific topic; and 15-minute tutorial walkthroughs of a particular R package with practical exercises.

Remember that you can still donate via our Fiscal Host, the Open Source Collective, either by registering for ESMARConf2024, or giving a donation on our ESMARConf OSC page here.