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ESMARConf will be back in 2025

ESMARConf is taking a short break

We have some very exciting plans in the pipeline, but that unfortunately means that we do not have capacity to run ESMARConf in 2024. Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in presenting or attending! We really appreciate you! 

ESMARConf will return in 2025 with a packed and excited programme of events. Keep an eye out for updates.

In the meantime, remember to check out all of the exciting content from the past three events on our Recordings page! Join the 25,000 viewers of last year’s event and see what all the excitement is about!

Remember that you can still donate via our Fiscal Host, the Open Source Collective, either by registering for ESMARConf2024, or giving a donation on our ESMARConf OSC page here.